Strongly Typed Google Analytics V4 with Next.js

Install `@types/gtag.js` as a dev dependency


Referencing Types in a local declaration file


Google Analytics V4 — Acquire a Tracking ID

Create Property
Property Setup
analytics options

Configure a Data Stream for your Property

Configure a datastream
data stream setup
Web stream details

Back to your Code Editor


Consuming the globalized reference types

Intellisense on hovering window.gtag
EventNames type
EventParams interface
@/lib/analytics.ts final


imports in @/pages/_document.tsx
@/pages/_document.tsx returned TSX
@/pages/_document.tsx full

Wrapping this up in the root `pages/_app.tsx` file

@/pages/_app.tsx handle route change
@/pages/_app.tsx full

Push — Deploy — Profit

add the NEXT_PUBLIC_GA_TRACKING_ID key-value pair to your production environment
Data trickles in…




Full-Stack Engineer

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Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross

Full-Stack Engineer

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