• Michael Krasnov

    Michael Krasnov

    Software Developer | Writer | Open Source Evangelist

  • northkhalea.


    ⚔ Software + Data Engineer • Indiana University ’20 • khalea.dev • Jack of Most Trades, Master of Some ⚔

  • Dawn Rose

    Dawn Rose

  • chinna shareef tanguturi

    chinna shareef tanguturi

  • Duncan Ross

    Duncan Ross

    Bought the ticket, enjoying the ride...

  • Sheetal


    Your Smile Specialist.. love to make people happy 😁❣️ Learning Programming 👩‍💻

  • Harsh Binani

    Harsh Binani

    Harsh Binani is the co-founder of the largest flex space provider Smartworks. He joined smartworks in 2017, with a slew of new idea. https://harshbinani.com

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